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Cost Estimates, Consultation and Drawing Fees

One of our favorite parts of General Contracting is meeting a homeowner for the first time and learning about their project ideas and goals. We then desire to use those ideas, goals and our experience to develop a fixed cost for the actual project to be completed.  In order to do so we have developed a fee structure to help homeowners with the decision process. 

Step One: Phone Consultation, $0

We like to have each prospective client speak with Shane Albertson,

owner of Virginia Building and Remodeling.

In this conversation we like to determine the following:

 - What kind of project the client is interested in.

 - Where the project is located.

 - Where the client is in the process.

 - Whether we are the right fit for the project. 

Step Two: Consultation Visit, $100 - $300

Either during the phone call with Shane or later at the clients convenience, we will schedule for Shane Albertson to meet with the client at the project site. At this meeting we like to determine the following:

 - Has the project scope been defined

 - Are plans/designs available or will they be needed

 - Based on our experience, can we provide a "Ballpark" Estimate.

Learn more about why we charge a fee. Click Here

Step Three: Ballpark Estimate, $0

Often during the course the Consultation Visit we are able to make an educated guess as to the final cost of the project based on prior projects we have performed. If we are unable to determine a "Ballpark Estimate" then we will need to establish a realistic budget. 

Step Four: Concept Drawing and/or Cost Proposal, $300 +

With the creation of a realistic project budget we are able to begin creating a Cost Proposal based on the actual work to be performed. 


A Concept Drawing provides a scaled floor plan of the existing space as well as the renovations/additions. (Concept Drawing Example)

A Cost Proposal provides the project scope details, allowances for fixtures/finisher and the cost for Virginia Building and Remodeling, LLC to complete the project. (Cost Proposal Example)

Phone Consultation
To schedule a free phone consultation call us directly or click here set up a date and time. We look forward to hearing from you!
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