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Shane Albertson

Owner/President/General Contractor

"My dad and I would work on projects together growing up and the carpentry just came naturally to me. I love being able to create, build and repair. Having a vision of where you want to go, what you want to build and being able to do it is very gratifying. After being in sales for nine years, and doing remodel work on the side,  I realized I had the passion and drive to be a General Contractor."


Karen Hufford

General Manager

My passion is event management. After receiving my Masters in Business Administration from Colorado State University I worked as an Event Director for a National Soccer and Basketball Tour and then later as the Sponsorship Coordinator for the Richmond Volleyball Club. Shane and I were playing on the same co-ed volleyball team and he explained that he needed help with his business.  I have been able to transition my skills from the sports industry to the construction industry and am really enjoying it!

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