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Why a Consultation Fee?

If you are a client of ours or are interested in having us assist you in a remodeling or renovation project, you have probably noticed by now that we charge a consultation fee. We get asked a lot about why we charge a fee and what exactly it is for. In some instances, we have individuals who choose not to move forward with us because of it. We would like to clarify what the fee is for and how it benefits you.


1. Lowers the overall project cost for the client

Estimating and drawing up a proposal takes time. It can take anywhere between 4 and 40 hours depending on the size of the project. A lot of experience and knowledge go into creating the perfect plan for your remodel or renovation. If things are not drawn up and put together correctly the first time, mistakes could be made which figures into more time and more dollars on your part once the project is started. By being able to meet with our clients, walk the site, and learn more in depth what they envision, allows us to better assist and provide accurate estimations the first time.


2. Makes your proposal a priority

As a General Contractor we compete with other's in our field for your business. All too often do we hear from individuals that they have had a different company come out to assess their project, for free, weeks prior and have yet to hear anything back. We make every effort to make our client's and even our potential client's a priority. We strive to deliver all of our proposals in the time frame discussed at our consultation visit with you. By paying that consultation fee you are immediately considered a paying client and therefore we make every effort on our part to make sure your needs are met.


3. Beneficial to you

When you are getting ready to take on your first home remodeling or renovation project it can be difficult to figure out what needs to be done to complete your vision as well as what an appropriate budget should be. We have found that a small fee for the expertise and advise of a professional builder and professional estimator is well worth the investment. We are able to clarify the extent of work that it would take to transform your space as well as the time and general cost. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your project painlessly, realistically and effortlessly.


Also, one thing to note, if you decide to move forward with us that consultation fee is credited toward your overall project cost. The fee ultimately covers some of our time and expertise with you making sure that we understand the full extent of the work as well as that you are informed of the process and what to expect. We want to provide you with superior customer service, quality craftsmanship and make sure that you are fully informed before you start your home project. 

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